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Year 2000 (HK) Ltd. is a company that manufactures miniature electronic parts. Having found it increasingly         difficult to cope with the growing need for smaller and more precise micro-electronic components, Year
     2000  (HK)  developed the Precision-Weld.

        Requiring little training, our compact, resistance welding device provides users with the tools required to make
pin-point quality welds onto the smallest of components with an accuracy impossible with conventional methods.
Since our first prototype it has undergone a considerable amount research and development to ensure a safe
and easy environment for our users to make strong consistent welds. As we understand your demands for
     quality, our products also have data aquisition functionalities that allow users added insight into the conditions
     of each weld even under large scale productions.

     What we offer
Our company offers our state-of-the-art precision spot welding machines capable of track widths of 0.02mm
(approximate width of a human hair). We also offer general use or custom-made weld tips which are compatible
with our machines as well as those of our competitors.

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       Spot Welding Machine

  PW-26/27 Touchscreen
       Spot Welding Machine

  PW-28 Touchscreen
       Inverter Resistance

  PW-28T Touchscreen
       Temperature Control
       Pulse Heat Unit

  PWS-10M Fully Auto
       Spot Welding Machine

  PH Series Weld Head

  Weld TIP

  PT-02 Auto Pull Tester


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  Year 2000 (HK) Ltd.

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Unit A., 33/F., Legend
  Tower, 7 Shing Yip St.,
Kwun Tong,
Hong Kong.

(852) 2191 8803 

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Wei Shun
  welding equipment  Co, Ltd

4/Floor, Building B, Zhongding
Communication Industrial Zone ,Jinxiaotang
Fenggang Town, Dongguan City, China

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(86) 13926816048

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