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PW-12T Temperature Control Pulse Heat Unit

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                       PW-12T is a high frequency inverter welder. It controlled by multi-processor and power IGBT,
            which makes it possible to exercise precise control over applied voltage, pressure, current and reflow             temperature during each operation.
            PW-12T greatly reduce the training period of workers from weeks to just few hours. On the environmental             side, no chemical solvent and insulation removal is needed, which also saves costs and labour. The device             enjoys low voltage (<2.5V) operations and low energy consumption.

            Spot Welding mode:
            PW-12T is a compact size lead free device capable of handling the welding needs of very fine wires ranging             0.02mm-1.0mm.
            The product utilizes the principle of high temperature welding. Current flowing through the welding tip             creates a high temperature to burn off the wire insulation, and then continues through the exposed wire and             the metal base to weld the two together.
            Welding quality is assured by closed-loop control for welding voltage and current.

            Pulsed Heat Soldering mode:
            PW-12T embedded temperture control module, it operate as a Hot Bar Reflow soldering machine.
            Large current flowing through the high resistance material such as Mo or W etc. and generate heat.The heat             was controlled by feed back of thermocouple on the heater tip accoring to the preset temperature and time.
            Soldering quality is assured by closed-loop control for welding voltage and temperature.

             Suitable for . . .
              - Replacement for soldering, especially suitable for miniature component, flexible circuits, ribbon cables,                  flex to PCB...
              - Welding (Soldering) with enameled wires. No need for wire stripping.
              - Printed circuit board (PCB) repairs.
              - Welding (Soldering) assortment of electronic components and surface-mounted components.
              - Jobs requiring thin soldering layer.

             Unique Features:
             1. Electronic pressure sensing technology offers higher precision than comparable products with
mechanical pressure sensing technology.
             2. Quality of ordinary soldering or even welding jobs can only be visually estimated by tensile strengths. Our                  unique current and temperature sensing and alert system ensures quality of each welded joint.
             3. Specially designed micro-controller unit (MCU) with 9 programmable weld schedules with sequential                  function.
             4. Independent welding current and voltage detect system.
             5. Key lock system setting prevents accidental changes, ensuring product quality.
             6. Single or Dual welding pulse output for different products.
             7. Presettable discharge counter and alert system.

                            Power Input                           220V                     
                            Welding Voltage                   0.2 ~ 2.0V 
                            Welding Current                   10 ~ 1200A                          
                            Duty Cycle                              10%                                             
                            Welding Time                         5mS ~ 9.9Sec.                       
                            Welding temperature           100 ~ 600 C                                                       









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